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Libido Drops (Super Strong) 15 ml

Turn your partner into wild tonight within 15 minutes with our fantastic aphrodisiac.

Drastically increased woman’s sex drive and help her body create more lubrication which makes her increased interest in sexuality and crazed in sexual intercourse with our Formax™ Libido Drops!

Outcomes after taking it:
● An increased interest in sexuality and sex drive
● Strong flow of blood to the female genitals
● Instantaneously turn into horny with wet vagina
● Promoted sexual response time and quicker arousal
● An intensified clitoral and grafenberg stimulation
● More intense sensations and faster to orgasm
● Capability of having multiple orgasms
● Inconceivable exciting and enjoyable
Uncontrollable wild and lost her self
● Listen to her moaning and yelling

Feel the stirring effects and the outcomes instantaneously after 15 minutes of taking this product and frankly it works the best with an alcoholic drink!

INSTRUCTION: Mix 1/5 capacity with normal drink 15 minutes before intercourse activity. And the benefits will last up to 06 hours after consumption. Please do not exceed another 1/5 within 24 hour period.

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